Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Commander In Beef Strikes Again

The 'Dinner with Barack IV' lunch menu revealed: President Obama dines on a cheeseburger and fries...
When President Obama had lunch last week at DC's Lincoln Restaurant with the winners of the 'Dinner with Barack IV' contest, the press was ushered out after a quick photo op, before the food was served. And as usual, the White House declined to release menu details. But newly released photos from Obama for America show the President being served an impressive cheeseburger. The Lincoln Burger is made with Meyer Farms Beef, watercress, Firefly goat cheese, and roasted tomatoes ($16), though it looks like the President swapped cheddar as his cheese. (Above: Winner Wyndi Austin, right, seems pretty surprised at the President's burger)

"I'm a medium-well guy," the President announced in 2009. He also enjoyed a side of French Fries at the luncheon. Or Fundraising Fries, as it were. Iced Tea was the President's beverage of choice. (Above: The President enjoys his fries)

In this post, ObFo predicted the President would select the cheeseburger for lunch. Sure, predicting a cheeseburger for someone who considers cheeseburgers one of the four food groups isn't that much of a stretch, especially when he's the most beef loving President in modern times.

But though Mr. Obama enjoyed a cheeseburger at his first 'Dinner with Barack' event at DC's Scion restaurant, for the second contest dinner he ate "Harpoon Caught Swordfish" at The Liberty Tavern in Arlington, VA. It was served "Portuguese style," accompanied by white beans, sweet peppers, lamb sausage escarole, and Littleneck clam sauce ($22). (Above: POTUS, cheeseburger in hand, at the first contest dinner)

At the third dinner, at DC's Boundary Road restaurant, the President returned to beef, though he chose the Grilled Hanger Steak, made with chestnut puree, and served over spicy kale, with a "sauce charon," similar to a Bearnaise ($22). The President started with the Quark and Black Pepper Pierogi ($10).

While the President has shown plenty of love for America's hardworking cattle ranchers, the first beef recipe from one of the White House chefs was just issued this month. It was created by Assistant Chef Sam Kass, who is charged with cooking dinner for the First Family each night they are at home. Thus Kass is well acquainted with beef. Check out his Grilled Skirt Steak with Poblano Sauce. It's a Presidential fave, according to Kass, and is served over sauteed spinach.

The President's luncheon guests at Lincoln were Janet Jones, 64, a grandmother from Accokeek, Maryland; Paula Matyas, a retired GM auto worker from Milford, Michigan; Jim Heath, a firefighter from Aurora, Ohio; and Wyndi Austin, a realtor from Gilbert, Arizona. (Above: Obama for America posted this photo of the President's lunch plate)

The President had a second beefy luncheon last week, too. He enjoyed beef ribs, collard greens, black eyed peas, rice and a corn muffin, washed down with bottled water, during an early Father's Day lunch at Kenny's BBQ Smokehouse, also located in the District.

The 'Dinner with Barack V' contest is now open for entries.

Info: Lincoln Restaurant is at 1110 Vermont Avenue, Washington, DC, 2005. Phone: 202-386-9200. Kenny's BBQ Smokehouse is located at 732 Maryland Avenue Northeast, Washington, DC, 2002. Phone: 202-547-4553.

*Photos by Christopher Dilts/Obama for America