Monday, August 13, 2012

Iowa Bus Tour: President Obama Visits Tropical Sno In Denison

"I know shaved ice," President says, and pronounces rainbow-flavored cone "outstanding"...
President Obama hopped off Ground Force One in the town of Denison, Iowa, on Monday afternoon, stopping for snow cones at Tropical Sno. Arriving at the stand at 3:02 PM, the President plunged into the crowd of rural Iowans gathered under fake palm trees, shaking hands and commiserating with students soon to go back to school, pool reported. He treated them to sno cones, and enjoyed one himself. The town of about 8,000 residents is in Crawford County, and a crowd of about 80 was gathered.

"I hear these are great sno cones," President Obama said, as he climbed off his massive black bus. "That's the word on the street."

President Obama stood at the window to order, and asked for a "rainbow" for himself: Cherry, lime and watermelon. He offered to treat staffers, the public and press. He singled out Press Secretary Jay Carney--"our champion eater"--and aide Marvin Nicholson. Both ordered medium "rock and roll" cones: Grape, blueberry and raspberry, as did Campaign Press Secretary Jen Psaki.
“This is outstanding right here,” President Obama pronounced, after taking a bite of his rainbow cone.

“Really good,” he said, taking a second taste before the cameras. ”Many of you know, I grew up in Hawaii and I know shaved ice."

A small boy and two young girls took the President up on his offer to buy.

"It's the president's treat, right here," Mr. Obama said, opening his wallet.

He mingled with kids and families gathered picnic tables with red and yellow striped umbrellas on a tan pebble yard designed to look like a beach.

The President had just finished a visit to a family farm in Missouri Valley, and struck up a conversation with two local farmers. One of the farmers, Brian Evers, 47, said he thanked the President "for being a supporter of agriculture."

"I'm glad to see him come through," Evers said, adding that crop yields of corn and soybean are down 50% from normal. An independent, Evers said he'll be voting for Obama.

"I don't think Mitt Romney is going to be a supporter of the midwest or agriculture," and cited Romney's stance on wind energy manufacturing tax credits as one example.

The campaign helpfully offered this background: "Tropical Sno is a national company with local dealers operating stores throughout the country. They offer over 36 different flavors of snow cones."

The President was back on the road aboard Ground Force One at 3:30 PM, heading for Boone, Iowa, for a campaign event in the downtown park.

The President's buscapade through Iowa continues on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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Info: Tropical Sno is at 24th & Broadway, Deniso, Iowa, 51442.

*Pool photos