Monday, October 22, 2012

Obama & Romney Bread: May The Best Loaf Win

With Election Day just fifteen days away, the number of food items featuring images of both Presidential candidates is skyrocketing.  In Alameda, California, the Feel Good Bakery is offering sourdough bread rounds stenciled with images of President Obama and Mitt Romney.  The rounds sell for a somewhat astonishing $20 each.  The sign that accompanies them reads "May the Best Loaf Win."

Owned by Rick Kellner and his wife Jackie Riley, the artisan bakery in the San Francisco Bay area makes sour rounds with a variety of stencils, according to, which featured the photo above.

"In an attempt to create old world methods, we use a special wild yeast combination for our sourdoughs. Our signature breads contain fermented rye, wheat and wholewheat flour, and are aptly named “triple levain”. This combination with long fermentation make our breads special and unique," notes Feel Good's website.

*Thanks to the good folks at for sending this in.