Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pre-Debate Dinner: President Obama Fuels Up For His Duel With Steak And Potatoes

President preps at a Marriott hotel, joined by top advisors; his day included a workout and rehearsals; after visiting North Carolina, First Lady arrives in time for showdown...
Hempstead, New York: President Obama will have a hearty, All American dinner of steak and potatoes on Tuesday evening with First Lady Michelle Obama, according to a campaign spokesman, hours before he takes on Mitt Romney during the 9:00 PM ET Town-Hall style debate at Hofstra University.  The President, who arrived in New York shortly before 1:00 PM, is spending his pre-showdown hours huddled with top advisors at the Melville Marriott Hotel.  He lunched earlier today on chicken and pasta, according to his aide.  (Above: En route to New York today)

"I feel fabulous," President Obama told reporters this morning as he left his three-day debate boot camp in Virginia. "Look at this beautiful day."

Mrs. Obama will join her husband in New York after she speaks at a campaign event in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  Beef is one of the President's favorite entrees.  It's also the main course served most frequently at high-profile White House dinners, as well as the choice when the President has escorted world leaders out to dine--whether for burgers with Russia's Dmitri Medvedev or Beef Tenderloin with Germany's Angela Merkel.  White House assistant chef Sam Kass' recipe for Grilled Skirt Steak with Poblano Sauce is a Presidential favorite.  Add White House Roasted Potatoes, and you, too, can eat like the President.

Perhaps steak is the kind of brain food needed for Mr. Obama to turn in a better performance than at his first debate on October 3rd. Aides didn't specify what the President fortified himself with ahead of his lackluster performance in Denver.

The President was accompanied by Sen. John Kerry, Anita Dunn, advisors David Plouffe and David Axelrod, Press Secretaries Jay Carney and Jen Psaki and national security advisor Ben Rhodes as he arrived in New York.  On Tuesday afternoon, the President will do last-minute debate prep for about an hour with his team.  He will also spend some down time with close friends visiting for the debate: Marty Nesbitt and Mike Ramos.

The President's day began with a workout, and he also "met up with his team to do a short 45 minute review this morning," according to a spokesman.

The President's pool is holding in the lobby of the hotel, and when Sen. Kerry walked past mid-afternoon,  he was asked how the President will fare at the debate. Kerry "flashed a half-smile, no teeth and gave a thumbs-up sign with his right hand. He said nothing and continued walking by," pool reported.

President Obama returns to the White House tonight, and travels to Iowa and Ohio on Wednesday for campaign events.  He is trailing Romney by a 22-point margin among rural swing state voters, according to a new poll, and neck and neck among other voters.

*Pool photo