Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Video: President Kicks Off America Forward! Tour

 48-hour campaign marathon through swing states...
President Obama on Wednesday kicked off his two-day swing state America Forward! tour in Davenport, Iowa.  Surrounded by haybales backstage at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, the President filmed a video to launch what he billed as a "48-hour campaign marathon."  Iowa is already early voting.  (Above: The President spoke to a crowd of about 3,500)

"Everybody recognizes it's time for us to pull out the stops," the President says in the video.

According to a campaign aide, Mr. Obama will be the first President in history to early vote on Thursday, when he stops in Chicago to hit the polls.

The President today also travels to Denver, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, where he will speak at a late-night concert where Katy Perry is the headliner.  He will spend the night aboard Air Force One as he travels to Tampa, Florida for a morning event on Thursday. The America Forward! tour schedule.

*Instagram from @OFA_IA