Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Which Candidate Do Americans Want To Have A Burger With? Poll Respondents Choose Obama...

President trumps Romney by wide margin in poll commissioned by Smashburger...Bill Clinton wins best burger buddy for past Presidents...
Denver-based fast-casual food chain Smashburger says the results of a national poll it commissioned reveals that many voters would rather have a burger with President Obama than GOP challenger Mitt Romney.  It's a nice little marketing tie-in for the chain, which is dining out on the fact that President Obama is a known cheeseburger lover--though he's never had a Smashburger.  Romney, for the record, enjoyed a veggie burger for lunch ahead of the third Presidential Debate on Monday, while the President dined on the father of burgers, steak. (Above: The President enjoys a cheeseburger during one of the 'Dinner with Barack' contest meals)

Conducted Oct. 11-15 by Harris Interactive, the poll of 2,094 adults found that 59% would most like to eat a burger with President Obama, compared to 41% who chose Romney.

President Obama's support was especially strong among younger respondents, those living in the Midwest and those living in the Northeast.  Romney scored highest with Southerners and the elderly.

The President likes his burgers with cheese, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, and sometimes jalapeno peppers.  "I'm a medium-well guy," he has said.  Sometimes there's bacon on his burger, and he likes a side of French fries and Iced Sweet Tea to wash it down.

There's still time ahead of the election for the President to enjoy a Smashburger:  He's hopscotching through swing states during the next two days, which includes a visit to Colorado.

In other election food polls, President Obama currently has a commanding lead in the 7-Eleven Coffee Cup Poll.   Like burger lovers, convenience-store coffee drinkers like President Obama more than Romney.

Burgers with former Presidents...

Asked about enjoying a burger with a former US President, 22% of poll respondents chose Bill Clinton.  The now-vegan former President was a known burger lover during his Presidency--making runs to McDonald's--often after actually running--as he battled his weight.  Clinton changed his eating habits after suffering heart problems. 

Other Presidents that voters would like to have as a burger buddy:  15% chose Abraham Lincoln; 14% chose John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan; 5% chose Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Theodore Roosevelt; and 4% chose George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter.

*Photo by Christopher Dilts, Obama for America