Friday, November 02, 2012

Barack Obama & Mitt Romney Hot Sauces

Which will be served behind the gates? Romney is winning one hot sauce poll...
President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney have jointly spent close to $2 billion and traveled hundreds of thousands of miles trying to convince Americans that they have profoundly different visions for the nation.  So perhaps the best thing about the Hot 4 Barack and Hot 4 Mitt sauces above is that they taste exactly the same.  But retailer Dave's Gourmet has created two Presidential Candidate hot sauces that taste very different, and the company is offering a poll, too.

Hot 4 Barack and Hot 4 Mitt are tomato based, and provide a mild kick.  They're available online at "salsa superstore" Too Darn Hot for $6.99 each plus tax and shipping, but go for $5.99 each in stores in Washington, DC.

The Presidential Candidate sauces offered online at Dave's Gourmet can be "adjusted" to be hotter or milder by twisting an element in the cap.  President Obama's sauce is cheekily called Adjustable Origin Hot Sauce, a reference to the Birther controversy.  Hotness is determined by selecting one of the President's "potential" birthplaces, which include Hawaii, Kenya and The Bermuda Triangle.  (Above: Dave's encourages fans to "buy" votes)

Romney's sauce is called Adjustable Opinion Hot Sauce, a reference to his changing issue positions, and hotness is determined by selecting one of his "opinions."  Both sauces sell for $14.99 plus tax and shipping.

Dave's Gourmet predicted Candidate Obama's win in 2008 with its first presidential hot sauce.  Romney is currently winning the online poll; he has 51.65% of the vote compared to President Obama's 48.35%.  Profits from sales are donated to cancer research, according to the company, rather than to the Campaigns to help them lawyer up to contest the Election Day outcome. (Above:  The latest poll numbers)

President Obama has had the lead in almost every other food poll, including the 7-Eleven Coffee Cup Poll and the Political Poopers poll.  Political Poopers are wind-up candidate figurines that "poop" candy.

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*Top photo by Obama Foodorama; second from Dave's Gourmet