Saturday, November 03, 2012

Biden Gets Pizza At Beau Jo's In Arvada, Colorado

Pizza is a theme for the Obama campaign...
President Obama's schedule of swing state stops is so jammed with events through Monday that some of his rallies are being held at airports.  Vice President Joe Biden is thus the man in charge of making stops at eateries  to personally woo the "undecided," those coveted voters who--like two-legged unicorns--the Campaign seems to believe can be found scattered through the states that will decide the President's fate.   On Saturday afternoon, Biden dropped by Beau Jo's, a pizza joint in Arvada, Colorado, much to the thrill of the locals.  He purchased one cheese and one pepperoni pizza after entering to applause from the adults, and screaming from the kids having lunch.  (Above:  Shaking hands with pizza in hand...)

Pizza is a major theme in President Obama's campaign.  Both Mr. Obama and Biden have delivered pizza to field office workers, and ordered it while huddled in hotels on the trail.  The President recently had a pizza lunch with precinct captains in Iowa.  And then there's Scott Van Duzer, the powerlifting Florida pizzaman with whom the President is having a nicely cheesy bromance.
"This is one time it pays to be a swing state," crowed one customer as the Vice President, clad in a navy jacket and white shirt, no tie, worked the dining room, shaking hands and taking photos.

"This is unbelievable," said another customer.

Meeting players from a girls' soccer team, the Vice President asked "Did you play today already?"

A man with the girls replied that it was their last game of the season.

"We won," one of the girls said.

"You won, excellent," Biden replied. 

He posed with "the Tigers," picking up a little boy and gathering the girls around. "Cheese pizza!" the Tigers shouted as they had their photo taken. 

As he left the restaurant, the Veep promised his press corps that one of the pizza was for them.  He was heading for his plane, to fly to his next battleground state.

Info:  The Beau Jo's the Vice president visited is at 7525 W. 53rd Avenue, Arvada, CO 80002.  Phone:  303-420-8376.

*Photos by Obama for America