Thursday, November 08, 2012

President Obama Visits Red Lobster Restaurant On 'South Park' Election Episode

"Obama Wins!" storyline mingles ballot fraud, China, Disney, and Star Wars...Video clip...
Central to the action in "Obama Wins!," an election episode of South Park that debuted Wednesday night on Comedy Central, is a visit by an animated President Obama to a Red Lobster restaurant.  The complicated, surreal story hinges on the return of swing-state ballots stolen by Cartman, and imagines a presidential election deal with China that includes the Disney buyout of Lucasfilm. (Above, the President demands the stolen ballots from Cartman)

"If I could just be a little rude and ask for a nice quiet meal in private," says the animated President Obama as he enters the Red Lobster to meet with Cartman and a character named, har har, General Tsao (he's chicken about the deal, get it?)

"Wow the President eats at Red Lobster, he's just a normal guy like me!" says a character voice as a crowd of customers is herded out of the eatery by Secret Service.

The President confronts Cartman  and General Tsao at the Red Lobster:

Perhaps unknown to South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Red Lobster is currently in partnership with First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! campaign.  Parent company Darden Restaurants, Inc., the largest fast-casual chain in the US, has agreed to change menu options and advertising in a major commitment to the childhood obesity battle.

An animated Morgan Freeman also appears in the episode, showing up in the Red Lobster and elsewhere to explain the complicated plot.  Mickey Mouse also takes a star turn. The stolen ballots, in the end, favor the President's challenger, and they are burned by the characters rather than returned.  Thus, "Obama Wins!"  Watch the full episode here. 

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*Clip and screengrab from South Park Studios, courtesy of Comedy Central