Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Live From The White House, It's Sam Kass!

Local TV anchors visiting for sequester-themed interviews with President Obama get a special tour of the Kitchen Garden...
The White House on Wednesday hosted a media day dubbed "Live From the White House" for eight TV anchors from state-level news markets, designed to give President Obama the chance to up the pressure on lawmakers to take action to prevent the sequester.  The journalists were given the red carpet treatment ahead of their Presidential interviews, and their day included a tour of First Lady Obama's Kitchen Garden on the South Lawn, led by Assistant Chef and Senior Policy Advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives Sam KassAbove, an Instagram of Kass as tour guide, tweeted by KITV News anchor Yunji de Nies, visiting from President Obama's homestate of Hawaii.

"White House chef Sam Kass tells us about the First Lady's garden & White House bee hive! @ white house," de Nies tweeted.

The Kitchen Garden grows through all four seasons.  The visiting reporters also got a tour of the White House from curator Bill Allman, and had lunch in the Navy Mess.

"As part of “Live from the White House,” the President will participate in interviews with local TV anchors from the following markets across the country: Boston, Massachusetts; Charleston, South Carolina; Baltimore, Maryland; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Wichita, Kansas; San Antonio, Texas; San Francisco, California; and Honolulu, Hawaii. These interviews in the Diplomatic Room, which are embargoed until 5:00 PM EST, are closed press," the White House said.   

"The President will take the case directly to the American people in markets across the country about how their leaders in Congress must act to protect our nation from a self-inflicted wound that would hurt our recovery and the middle class."

*Photo by Yunji de Nies, KITV News co-anchor