Saturday, May 18, 2013

(Nine) Iron Chef: Sam Kass Plays Golf With President Obama

Foursome for five+ hour game includes Cabinet Secretaries Sebelius & LaHood...
President Obama hit the links for a little more than five hours on Saturday, relaxing with his favorite weekend pastime after days of dealing with the "scandals" plaguing his Administration.  Arriving in a drizzle at Joint Base Andrews at noon, President Obama was joined on the championship course by Sam Kass.  The assistant chef cooks the President's dinner five nights a week as a sideline to his other gig, Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy.  (Above, Kass is in orange in this golf photo from 2009)

Kass has been a golf partner for the President since the first term, and the game was his ninth with his boss, who was playing his 123rd game as Commander in Chief.  An elite athlete in high school and college, Kass was a baseball star, and says he took up golf thanks to President Obama.  Both are lefties, coincidentally.

Perhaps child health and nutrition policy were discussed between greens:  Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was also in the Presidential foursome.  It's a rare inclusion: The President's golf games have been almost exclusively male.  Outgoing Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was the fourth member of the presidential party.   

Pool reported that President Obama wore a blue windbreaker, blue polo shirt and tan slacks for the outing.  The rain abated a little more than an hour after the game began, with the temperature hovering just above 60 degrees, and a wind recorded at 8 MPH.  The Base is located in Maryland, about a half hour from the White House (and sometimes less, depending on the motorcade...). 

The pooler on duty noted an interesting detail at the start of the game.  "One addition to the presidential fashion report: POTUS wearing thong sandals as part of his pre-golf getup," pool wrote.

As is standard practice for the self-proclaimed "most transparent Administration in history," the White House did not release any scores. 

The President departed the Base at 5:22 PM, and arrived back at the White House at 5:43 PM following an uneventful ride home.  A full lid was called after the President's return.

Sunday schedule...
On Sunday, President Obama will make a day trip to Atlanta, Georgia.  He will deliver the 2013 commencement address at Morehouse College at 11:30 AM.  In the afternoon at 2:30 PM, the President will deliver remarks at a DSCC event at the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, also in Atlanta.  The President is scheduled to return to the White House late on Sunday afternoon, at 4:55 PM.

*AP photo taken at Mink Meadows Golf Course on Martha's Vineyard, MA, in August 2009.